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Since 1984 Joystick Scoring Limited has been providing bowling centers with quality electronic systems for 5 pin, candle pin and 10 pin bowling.

The reliable functioning of a modern center’s pinspotters, scoring systems and accessory foul systems are vital components for the smooth operation of your business and for keeping your customers coming back.

Electronic ball management sensors and controls are what Joystick Scoring specializes in.  Only Joystick Scoring Limited has the unique industry experience of designing and manufacturing ALL components for the Bowler’s Club Scoring System.

We continue to support ALL Joystick Products and draw on that experience to provide our valued bowling customers with quality cost effective replacement electronic sensors.

Bowling Sensors


Sensors are the eyes and ears of any modern high tech system.  They are in everything from your phone to your car.  They provide vital information to make them run smoothly and effectively.

This is also true for any modern well running bowling center.  Joystick Scoring prides itself in manufacturing industry leading sensors using state of the art digital components that can be used to upgrade a wide variety of competing bowling systems.

Consulting Services

Have a special electronic project in mind?  Take advantage of our technical consulting services.  We bring to the table a wide variety of experience, services and skills. From PCB design, embedded programming and overall product creation.


We have experience with a wide variety of sensors, machine vision and custom electronic controls.


Call Werner to discuss your specialty needs today.


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