Lob Ball Detection

Light up your bowling center with Ball speed displays. An affordable way to make your center look sharp and help your bowlers be better bowlers.

Protect your lanes without unsightly and impractical plastic shields.  Now you can use SMART LANE GUARD to insure lane damage from improperly delivered bowling balls is kept to a minimum.  This is especially important in small ball games or where vandalism is a problem. 

SMART LANE GUARD has all the features of BALL SPEED DISPLAY and includes the additional feature of electronically monitoring of lofted bowling balls. 

If a bowling ball is lofted past the arrows, this can cause serious damage to the pine and/or electronics.  If this occurs SMART LANE GUARD will alert the counter personnel.  It may also be used to shut the pinsetter off for a pre-selected period or to reset the pins.


Improving bowlers are the lifeblood of healthy league growth provides your bowling center with a host of substantial benefits, all of which will result in improved cash flow

Improving bowlers will spend more on bowling accessories (balls, shoes etc). They will have more fun and invite more of their friends to share their enthusiasm. An improving bowler is a "bowling" bowler. This will build excitement and give them something new to talk about.



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SMART LANE GUARD works with all pinsetters and scoring systems.