Redline products are high quality state of the art electronic replacement components for the bowling industry. These products have been developed through many years of research and provide the highest standard of reliability.

They offer unique features and technology with exceptional advantages not found anywhere else.

  • Life time Warranty.

  • Low Cost.

  • Quick and Easy Installation.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Three color alignment indicator.

  • Visible Red Solid State Beam technology.

  • State of the art embedded microprocessor.



The Redline II is a LOW COST Dual foul light for narrow division cappings.

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The Redline II Tel-e-foul light upgrade kit for older Brunswick Foul Lights.

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Redline foul lights are an affordable replacement foul light that will easily fit under any existing covers and can easily re-use existing wiring.

They offer fast installation, low cost and excellent reliability.

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This exciting new product provides a way for centers to upgrade their lanes to show ball speed with out the expense of replacing their whole scoring system.

Ball Speed Display provides a big 3 digit display that mounts on your curtain wall to show your bowlers their ball speed.  As a bonus it also provides smart triggering for the pinsetter. 

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In any center where vandalism or lane damage is a problem this product will help alleviate these difficulties.

Smart Lane Guard will detect lofted balls and shut down the pinsetter.  Smart lane guard also provides ball speed display.

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Redline ball sensors are a low cost fast and easy replacement ball sensor for most scoring systems.

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