Imagine a foul light that has no adjustments and snuggly fits under your old foul light covers, letting you install them quickly in minutes. If that is what you want, have a close look at the Redline foul lights.  They are just what the doctor ordered!

They are a SMART retro reflector foul sensor with a unique tri-color LED to let you know everything is OK at a glance!

GREEN - All clear, no problems,

AMBER - Still working - but check for fluff balls,

RED - Still working - better hurry up & do some cleaning! 

Redlines easily fit into any old foul light casing. Here is an example where redlines are installed into existing AMF foul cases. 

You can even re-use all of the existing wiring if it is still in good shape, as well as the 12VAC transformer from the old units. 

It makes installation a snap!

Redlines come complete with a 12VAC plug in adaptor and all necessary hardware.

They easily connect to ALL types of automatic scoring (AMF, Brunswick, Qubica, Joystick etc). 


Redlines are ABC approved.

us today at 888 JOYSTIK (569-7845) to learn more....