Joystick Scoring is now pleased to introduce the Redline II foul light upgrade kit for Astroline Tel-E-Foul foul lights.

Redline II Foul light upgrade kits provide the same legendary microprocessor powered reliability found in Joystick's famous Redline foul lights.  They are engineered to be a better than original upgrade for the old photocell/light bulb system found in Astroline Tel-E-Foul foul lights.

Redline foul lights are the ONLY foul lights that let you check alignment at a glance with out removing the foul light covers!  

Redline foul lights are the ONLY foul lights that use a VISIBLE solid state beam that helps you align the foul lights quickly and easily!

Redline II features,

Here the old cover is in place & ready to go!
  • Reasonable Cost.
  • Alignment indicator that is easily seen, even with the foul cover on.
  • Infra Red  beam is rated at over 100,000 of hours of service.
  • Select the pleasant bell or re-use the old buzzer.
  • Fast & easy installation - Components plug right into existing connectors.
  • Auto alignment system checks itself after every foul.
  • Simple switch selects auto-scorer connection type.
  • Reliable electronic short circuit and overload protection. 
  • Life time limited warranty.

Redline II Upgrade Kit Manual 

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