BALL SPEED DISPLAY features a dual sensor system that accurately measures ball speed and displays it in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h).

BALL SPEED DISPLAY combines the features of SMART TRIGGER with a 4" high 3 digit LED display.  The display can be mounted on the masking unit or curtain wall where it brightly stands out for the bowlers to see.

The speed display will give your center a great new look.  It allows you to add a USEFUL improvement without a huge investment in new capital equipment.  It will help your bowlers improve their game and consistency. 









Actual Size (12"x8"x2") case


Improving bowlers are the lifeblood of healthy league growth provides your bowling center with a host of substantial benefits, all of which will result in improved cash flow

Improving bowlers will spend more on bowling accessories (balls, shoes etc). They will have more fun and invite more of their friends to share their enthusiasm. An improving bowler is a "bowling" bowler. This will build excitement and give them something new to talk about.

As illustrated in this block diagram, the speed display utilizes a dual ball sensor system to detect the speed of the ball.

This information is displayed with 1/10th mph or km/h accuracy on the huge 4 high LED digits for mounting on the curtain wall.  


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Works with or without existing triggers!